Volunteer Support

Volunteer Support

Volunteer Mission: The volunteers will offer an extra dimension of care and support to patients and their families, visitors and Noyes Hospital Staff.


Noyes Volunteers

Volunteers play a vital role in supporting our Noyes Health care system and help support the Mission of our organization.  Every year, our team of 100+ volunteers donate thousands of hours to our organization by providing a variety of services.

Noyes offers a wide selection of Volunteer options:

  • Chaplain Volunteers
  • Front Desk Volunteers
  • General Clerical Department Volunteers
  • Respite Volunteers
  • Spice Box Gift Shop and Coffee Bar
  • Welcome Team 


Noyes Auxiliary

The Hospital Auxiliary was formed in 1952 with the original mission to give patient service.  Today's Auxiliary focuses its efforts on fundraising projects to support Noyes Health and benefit the community.  The Auxiliary has supported Noyes equipment needs and capital projects such as our new Emergency Department.

The Auxiliary coordinates a number of annual fundraising events to support Noyes Health and their Annual Scholarship Program:

  • Flower Sale
  • Golf Tournament
  • Kid's Run, Book are Fun Sale
  • Tree of Lights


To learn more information about Volunteer opportunities available at Noyes Health, click on links to the left.


Application for Volunteer Services

A conviction will not necessarily disqualify you from being selected as a volunteer.

Personal Reference:

References: (please give complete names & addresses)

Volunteer or paid experience:

Please read and check yes or no below:

I acknowledge that I am volunteering my services to Noyes Memorial Hospital freely for motives of charity or community service. I do not expect to be paid or receive a benefit of any kind in return for my volunteer services. I understand that if I am selected as a volunteer, my ability to participate is subject to completion of appropriate lab work, blood pressure check, PPD, and background check.

It is the policy of Noyes Memorial Hospital to provide courtesy parking and lunch or dinner.