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November 27, 2017

Healthy Diabetic Holidays

Here come the holidays, a challenge to all and more so for those who have diabetes.  No other time of year is there such a concentration of holiday parties, planned gatherings, travel, activities, special recipes and schedules that only get more hectic.   

With this in mind, is it possible to enjoy the holidays and all they bring, keep your diabetes under control and still be satisfied?  Yes, with your willingness take a few extra steps. Here are some holiday tips to consider.

  1. As a gift to yourself, continue to exercise. Can’t do it at the usual time? Break it up into smaller blocks during the day.

  2. Prevent overeating. Don’t skip meals and have a healthy snack before you go.

  3. Enjoy special, one time a year foods.  Have a small serving, enjoy it, and don’t go back for seconds.

  4. Going to a party?  Offer to bring a healthy dish with ingredients you know.

  5. Alcohol?  Talk to your health care team about alcohol and your medications.

  6. Be ready with medications. Make sure to take your glucometers and medications with you!

  7. Carbohydrate counting?  There are apps which can be downloaded to phones for assistance.

  8. If you slip, get right back on track. The next meal is a new beginning!

  9. Plan ahead.  Have a plan - what you will have, the amount, one serving only, etc.  Success is more likely when you have a plan.  

  10. Get your sleep.  With all of the extra activities, it is difficult to get the proper amount of sleep.  Keep in mind that exhaustion and little sleep tends to make you more likely to overeat!

  11. Consider signing a contract.  Post a signed contract in a central location to remind yourself of your commitment to health and wellness.

More information about healthy holidays and an example contract can be found at:

Maintain your perspective. Enjoy the holidays with family and friends.  If you would like some recipes with the carbohydrates already figured out  and/or a contract for yourself, contact the UR Medicine Noyes Health Diabetes Self-Management program at 585-335-4355.  Nancy Johnsen RN, CDE, is Coordinator of the Noyes Diabetes Education Program. For additional information, call 585-335-4355.