Chemotherapy & Infusion Center

Gentle treatment, close to home.

Chemotherapy is an effective cancer treatment, but can represent a difficult phase in the progress of cancer patients and their families. Noyes offers expert chemotherapy treatment with an extraordinary degree of compassion and comfort.

We'll welcome you and get your therapy started with very little waiting. Extended travel can be draining on top of the other issues chemotherapy poses-so you'll be glad our new facility provides treatment close to where you live. Our treatment center dedicated in 2011 offers spacious, windowed rooms and comfortable recliners. (Please be sure to get your lab work done ahead of time if ordered by your doctor to avoid delay in treatment.)

Keeping you informed

Therapy is easier when you understand what's going on. We offer patient education on your condition and its management, as well as information on the medication prescribed by your physician. Information on support groups and other services is also available.


We understand your need for support, and are happy to have you bring one adult visitor with you if you wish. For their wellbeing and yours, children are not permitted to visit.

The unit is located in the third floor Infusion Center. Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.