Diabetes Education

Diabetes education

The Noyes Diabetes Education Program is an American Diabetes Association-recognized program that offers comprehensive diabetes education.

It’s designed to help you access the information you need to control your diabetes and live a healthy lifestyle—and empower you to assume responsibility for its effective management.

Program offerings

Learn to Live with Diabetes: this group learning program provides diabetes self-management education to help patients take charge of their condition—to improve their health and decrease long-term affects of uncontrolled diabetes.

One-to-one counseling

Private education session: Meet with a Certified Diabetes Educator in Dansville or Geneseo for general information and education sessions about diabetes—you can begin to gain the necessary skills to manage your diabetes.

Starting on insulin: If your physician has determined that it is time to start insulin, you may meet individually with the Diabetes Educator to learn about storage and administration of insulin, site selection, and more.

FREE glucometers: a glucometer can be obtained from your Diabetes Educator along with training.

Insulin pump: A Certified Diabetes Educator is available to assist with insulin pump starts and ongoing pump support.

    Intensive learning classes

    Life with diabetes:

    • Part I: Two-hour nutrition class that includes education on What Do I Eat If I Have Diabetes? and Carbohydrate Counting Basics for Diabetes.
    • Part II: Three-hour monitoring and complication management class that includes education on Complications, Exercise and Stress Management and Monitoring Diabetes and Managing Blood Glucose.

    Call (585) 335-4355 for dates and times for monthly classes held in both
    Dansville and Geneseo.  

    Ongoing diabetes education

    Continued Counseling: Additional private education sessions are available with the Diabetes Educator and a Registered Dietician.

    Continuous Glucose Monitoring: A service for patients on insulin who are having difficulty managing their blood sugar. Also covers real-time glucose monitoring for those on insulin pumps.

    Insulin Pump Support: If you are on an insulin pump, this offering gives you a chance to review features to make sure you are maximizing the use of your pump.

    Diabetes Support Group: meets 10 times/year at Livingston County Department of Health from 1:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. Contact the Health Department at (585) 243-7290 for dates and location.

    Fees and Insurance Information:
    Individual consultation fees and classes are reimbursed by many insurance carriers. It is recommended that your consult your insurance company prior to your visit. Financial assistance is available for those who are uninsured or under-insured.

    To schedule appointments for any diabetes education services, please contact the Diabetes Educator: (585)335-4355 or diabetes@noyeshealth.org.