Community Service Plans

 Noyes Health: 2015 Community Service Plan

In support of our Mission to “Support and promote the health of our communities through compassionate, quality care”,  Noyes Health is proud to issue the 2015 Annual Community Service Plan demonstrating our commitment to meeting the health care needs of the communities we serve.

Based on the New York State Department of Health Prevention Agenda and our most recent Livingston County Community Health Needs Assessment, the top two health care priorities for our hospital's three year community service plan include:

·        Prevent Chronic Disease: Obesity Prevention and Chronic Disease Management that includes our 2015 Noyes Hospital Stroke Designation.

·        Promote Mental Health and Prevent Substance Abuse: Suicide Prevention and Prescription Drug Disposal.

These goals and measurable objectives are a call to action for the local health department, county agencies, community benefit organizations, health care providers, health plans, schools, employers, and businesses to collaborate at the community level to support and promote population health management.


June 2016 Update

Livingston County Department of Health, Noyes Health, and Genesee Valley Health Partnership are collaborating with key stakeholders and community members to conduct a comprehensive assessment of community health needs this year.  We have reviewed population health data, engaged community members through focus groups to solicit input regarding local community health concerns, and conducted an online survey among key stakeholders regarding the public health system.

Details on the current status of our local Livingston County Community Health Assessment process and outcomes can be found at :

As a result of these assessments, the most highly ranked health priorities that have been identified in Livingston County are:

  • Obesity : which includes Chronic Disease Management
  • Behavior Health : which includes Mental Health & Substance Abuse
  • Falls among the aging population

As we continue our assessment and begin to develop the Community Health Improvement Plan, we ask for any public input related to health priorities including strategies and needs in Livingston County.  Any remarks can be emailed to Patty Piper at or by calling (585) 335-6001 ext 4476.