Community Service Plans

 Noyes Memorial Hospital: Community Service Plan

In support of our Mission to “Support and promote the health of our communities through compassionate, quality care” and our Vision “To be our communities’ first choice and primary resource for medical and wellness promotion", Noyes Memorial Hospital (NMH) is proud to issue the annual Community Service Plan to the New York State (NYS) Department of Health (DOH), and to report a three year Comprehensive Plan for 2013-2-15, which demonstrates our commitment to meeting the health care needs of the community.

The New York State Department of Health Prevention Agenda now includes five priority areas that includes goals and measurable objectives as a call to action to local health departments, health care providers, health plans, schools, employers, and businesses to collaborate at the community level to improve the health status of New Yorkers through increased emphasis on prevention.  The Department asks hospitals to work together with their community partners, including local health departments, to address the Commissioner’s public health priorities identified in the Prevention Agenda toward the Healthiest State.

As part of a state-wide effort to emphasize local health planning, NMH collaborated with the Livingston County Health Department and other community partners to determine the public health priorities which form the basis of our plan. This report captures the primary benefits specific to Livingston County, though services also encompass four surrounding counties.

In 2013, NMH and the Livingston County Department of Health lead the Community Health Assessment (CHA) Leadership Team through the community health assessment process.

Activities during the six month process included:

  • Community Health Data Assessment: Data was reviewed from over 18 sources, including: New York State Department of Health, US Census Bureau, Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance Survey, Healthy People 2020, and many Livingston County agency and partner statistics and outcomes
  • Community Surveys
  • Community Forums
  • Focus Groups


A detailed work plan was developed with strategies focused on the top two Prevention Agenda Priorities identified in this process:

  • Prevent Chronic Disease: Obesity and Diabetes priorities
  • Promote Mental Health and Prevent Substance Abuse


The Genesee Valley Health Partnership now provides ongoing support and monitors all activities of the four Livingston County Community Health Improvement Planning (CHIP) committees, that include the two CHA priorities:

  • Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Safe Communities
  • Access to Care